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Why Anybody Can Start Selling Online

Why Anybody Can Start Selling Online

E-Commerce is one of my favorite side projects that I work on. It seems like there are more and more e-comm shops popping up every day — and for good reason. 2019 is projected to be the biggest year yet for e-commerce.

Still, I’ve found that 90% of stores out there are doing it wrong. Putting up a Shopify store on your lunch break and dropshipping some random product from China doesn’t work like it used to. 

So, what are the 10% doing? They’re leveraging their brands. 

Instead of building a brand from scratch selling God knows what, intelligent marketers are leveraging the brand they already have to sell customized merchandise. 

Take my friend Mark Lutchman, for example. After amassing a 6 figure following, Mark decided it was time to venture into e-commerce. With my help, he was able to hit 4 figures revenue in just a few days. 

Magic? No. 

Calculated? Yes. 

The future? Maybe.