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Not All Business Is Good Business

Not All Business Is Good Business

This is a lesson myself and other Entrepreneurs have learned the hard way over the years.  Not all business is good business.  

Business owners, especially ones that are in the start-up phase looking for growth, are most susceptible to taking on business that they shouldn’t.  Entrepreneurs need to trust their gut, and learn to not take on all business just for the sake of more business.  Some people and business will become more of a headache than you can ever imagine.  Here’s a real story as a recent example:

One of my business partners put me on the phone with a lady who was interested in buying Solar Leads.  I got on the phone with her and for whatever reason she was very stuck up, entitled, and rude.  I brushed it off and thought maybe she was having a bad day and I’d take her business and give her another opportunity. 

I put her on the phone with my other business partner to do the deal because quite frankly I wasn’t interested in talking to her and wanted him to feel her out.  After my partner got off the 2nd call, he echoed the same things I had said previously.  

Again, we brushed it off and took her business.  (This is where you should realize when people show you their colors, believe them.  Realize that doing business with the right people is way more valuable and will save you time, money, and a headache).

48 hours in to the campaign we had sent her 10+ leads in the zip codes areas she provided.  This was an incredible start to a campaign, until she called my business phone early the following morning.

She proceeded to scream and yell at me (someone she doesn’t even know) complaining that all the leads were in the wrong zip code areas and we were “out to get her” and we “are all the same”.  As I proceeded to attempt to peacefully have a conversation about the situation, she continued to interrupt me and dump all her negativity on me.

10 minutes later after she calmed down, I simply explained to her what kind of person I am, and how I strive only to do good business.  I explained how we literally copied the Zip Codes she sent us, and imported them into the system.

She then proceeded to check her sent emails where she then realized she sent us THE WRONG ZIP CODE LIST and she “couldn’t believe it.”

She began half-ass apologizing and tried to act as if she didn’t just scream at me for 20 minutes.

This was now the 3rd negative encounter with this woman and I knew exactly what to do. I have made many mistakes in the past continuing doing business with bad people and every time is has bit me in the you know what.

I calmly told her that I had never been treated like that before by a new client and its best we part ways.  I told her I would give her a full refund immediately and she could additionally keep the 10-15 free leads we sent her valued at $80/lead. (A total extra value of $800+!!!)

After she pleaded her case to stay as my client, and I respectfully told her that wasn’t an option, her true colors came out again as she began to scream and yell and hang up the phone.

Once that happened again, I realized I had made the right decision in getting rid of her as a client.  

What I have realized over the years is you should always go with your gut before it becomes a bad situation.  When people show you who they are one time, realize that is who they are, and it will happen again, and nip it in the bud, before it comes back to bite you.  

One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is the ability to choose who you want to work with, and who you don’t. 

Not all business is good business.