About Me

About Me

When I was 18 years old,

I decided that I wanted to work for myself.

Being a motivated, result driven individual, working a normal 9-5 job never called out to me.

After my first business success in affiliate marketing, I dropped out of college to fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur full-time.

My first company, Tru Power SEO, quickly gained a strong reputation in my hometown of Rockaway New Jersey and I was helping several different companies build their brand.

Among the community, I became known as “The Guy Who Can Make You Money”

Not a bad title, for a college dropout. 

After working with dozens of clients and generating thousands of dollars of revenue for them, I decided to dip into another niche — solar.

Working alongside some amazing individuals, I’ve helped hundreds of happy people make the switch to solar. Now, I’m rapidly expanding my solar network and have started doing deals outside of just New Jersey.

My second company, Tru Power Solar Energy, is now a nationwide company that has generated leads coast to coast.


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